Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Potography
Real Estate Potography
Real Estate Potography

Why Choose yMd Photos:

yMd Photos offers premium real estate photography services throughout the Chicagoland area. As an established business, we have the processes in place to make the experience hassle free for the real estate agents that work with us.​

  • One-Two day turnaround on all photos
  • Reliable invoicing system makes paying yMd Photos easy and keeps billing clear for the real estate agent​
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the quality of the work, simply reject the photos from the shoot and you won’t be charged.
  • ​Professional equipment for producing the highest quality        photography
  • Available on short notice​
  • We charge by the amount of work required to produce a professional result, and NOT the square footage of the home. This way you can control how much you’d like to spend on each listing

Pricing Packages*

*Please note: All Packages are priced “Starting At” and vary depending on complexity of shoot.  

Standard Package  $120

Premium Package   $144

  • 10 finished photos are delivered including interior and exterior
  • Post-processing of the photos in Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Premium post-production of all photos. This may involve sky replacements, content-aware fill, and other more time consuming post-production techniques that produce a better finished photo the work, simply reject the photos from the shoot and you won’t be charged.​
  • Off-Camera flash techniques used in main living areas to produce a more polished result
  • ​One / Two day delivery of photos
  • ​Same as Standard Package but with an additional 5 Phots​
  • Total 15 Photos

Ultra Premium Package   $190

  • ​Same as Standard Package but with an additional 15 Phots​
  • Total 25 Photos

Exterior Photograph   $95

  • Premium post-production of photo as in Standard Package
  • ​One / Two day delivery of photos
    *Any  destination further then 30 miles will require a transportation surcharge of 56¢ per mile, after 30 miles.

About yMd Photos Real Estate Photography

yMd Photos offers premium photography services in the Chicagoland area. We have 28 years of experience in photography and use this knowledge to produce the highest quality results for our clients. We hope to work with you to ensure your homes sell as fast as possible, and to make your listings stand out on the MLS.

Ethics Statement​​

yMd Photos performs post-production work on all photos. While we do our best to make sure the photos are an accurate and ethical representation of a home, we also use techniques to enhance the photos to look their absolute best.​ These techniques include but are not limited to:                                                                ● HDR        ● Content-aware fill        Sky Replacement                    If at any time you are uncomfortable with a photo, you may always request the original, unretouched photo to determine if the photo ethically and accurately represents the home. It is the responsibility of the real estate agent to ensure that the photo is an accurate representation.​

Scope of Services

By contracting for a shoot with yMd Photos you agree that yMd Photos retains all ownership rights to the photos taken and may use the photos on its website, to advertise its services, or for any other means yMd Photos grants the rights to real estate agents contracting its services to use the photos taken during a shoot in connection with selling the home (show on MLS, your website, etc.).